Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SAFE's Cindy Ho curates show of Naxi art!

Congratulations to SAFE founder and president Cindy Ho on her exhibition "Quentin Roosevelt's China: Ancestral Realms of the Naxi", now showing at the Rubin Museum of Art! You can read all about the show in the New York Observer's review, and get all the details on seeing the show at the Rubin's website. It has been going on since May and will continue until September, so if you're in or around New York City this summer, you should definitely go support Cindy and learn about the Naxi! Congratulations, Cindy!


  1. Hear, hear! Congratulations, indeed.

  2. Am I dreaming, or is Cindy Ho promoting artifacts from a private collection that may actually be illicit? If not illicit, certainly by Cultural Property Nationalist standards unethical. How does this differ from Chinese coins, existing in the billions, that Ms. Ho had advocated restricting from private ownership? Do I detect a double standard here?

  3. Mr. Sayles,

    For more information on Cindy Ho's exhibition, please see this article:

    There is nothing illicit about this exhibition, and I hope you will be able to learn about the Naxi, whether you see the show in person or simply visit the website!

  4. "that may actually be illicit?"
    Eh? On what basis does he assert this?

    "certainly by Cultural Property Nationalist standards unethical".
    Eh? On what basis does he assert this? To whom is he referring?

    Actually, I think Sayles has not the foggiest idea what he is talking about here.

    Most of this material is held in public institutions in the US - like the Library of Congress, is Sayles accusing it of retaining material acquired by unethical means?

    Paul Barford