Saturday, January 29, 2011

So many accolades! Disaster in Egypt!

First, two incredibly big thank yous to Sam Hardy and Paul Barford for talking up this blog on their blogs! I am so thrilled by their encouragement and recognition. I was fairly nervous about throwing my own little digital contribution in to the big wide blogosphere and I never imagined such a warm welcome! Thank you for both the kind words and the resulting page views!

It figures that the one weekend I'm gallivanting in New York City and sharing one ethernet cable with four other people, sh*t gets real in Egypt. I've seen from just about all the blogs that protestors have raided the Cairo Museum and destroyed two pharaonic mummies. What a freaking way to spend the afterlife. Human bodies that have lasted thousands of years, only to be unnecessarily destroyed by their descendants for who knows what reason. This is very discouraging, particularly because, as Larry Rothfield pointed out, it appears that Zahi Hawass did not make arrangements to prevent these kind of shenanigans.

Communication here will be pretty light over the next week, but stay tuned for fun stories about meeting Cindy Ho, commander in chief of SAFE, and an awesome piece about the difference between amateur and professional archaeologists. Huzzah!


  1. Thank you. This should be a fun blog.

    I must have been particularly slow that day. I've inserted a link now...

  2. Hey, I just looked at my sitemeter and my post mentioning you is getting by far the most traffic I've ever got off the networkedblogs thing on Facebook (far more than my few Facebook followers, so people must be searching for that kind of thing within Facebook).

    In fact, you're getting so much traffic that that post is now in the five most popular posts of the moment (and because of the nature of my blog, the most popular posts normally have no relationship whatever with the most recent posts, so that's quite significant).

    You're clearly answering a keenly-felt need in the archaeological community.