Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Links for keeping up with Egypt's current cultural heritage diasters

With all the conflicting articles and blog posts about the protests and destruction in Egypt, it's been hard to keep track of what exactly has happened and what the level of damage is (especially when you're a super busy student). Here are some articles, blog posts, and websites that have been helpful to me these past few days, particularly when I haven't had much time to read the news.

Egyptology News has updates almost hourly on the damage done to museums, artifacts, and sites.

Ancient Egypt Online has some really helpful visuals (maps and photos) of what they know so far about the damage.

Zahi Hawass's website has issued two updates about the looting and destruction of Egyptian museums and archaeological sites.

Larry Rothfield responded to Zahi Hawass, pointing out what was not explicitly stated by Hawass and condemning Hawass's failure to secure the Egyptian Museum and all the significant sites that were left unguarded.

Ricardo St. Hillaire has proposed an Emergency Protection for Egyptian Cultural Antiquities Act, urging the U.S. government to stop stolen and looted Egyptian cultural material from crossing the border.

Derek Fincham has some wise things to say about the current situation, as well as numerous links and great summaries of what's known so far.

Paul Barford has been blogging nonstop about the situation and has posted many links and helpful commentary on what is ultimately a mess of conflicting and discouraging reports.

The Eloquent Peasant has a great number of photos and videos about what's been going on.

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