Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recommended: Center for the Future of Museums: Landing a Job in the Museum of the Future

The Center for the Future of Museums' blog just posted this: Landing a Job in the Museum of the Future. These four points (Do real work, come at it from the side, focus on practice not theory, and train for the future) really verbalize how I've been trying to approach my own education and career, and how I recommend other students approach it too. Many factors, the crappy economy among them, have been changing the way the museum world operates; it's not the kind of world anymore where you can just get away with following the traditional academic path to securing a job and keeping it. You have to be bold, audacious, and independent about your work: figure out what it is you have to offer, build on your own ideas, and find your own ways to either implement your ideas yourself or propose to museums how your work could help solve their problem areas. This is a major DIY era for students or fresh graduates in this field.

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