Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer reading: Online edition

Because I’m at home in central Massachusetts, it’s been hard to find really serious academic books on cultural heritage in my public library system. I’ve found a lot of great, more mainstream books, but comparatively, that stuff is more like pleasure reading. However, my school’s library happens to be phenomenal and has made a lot of its online resources available off-campus, so I can still turn to Ebrary and Jstor when my library falls short. I’m pretty sure most schools offer Ebrary (or other similar sources for online books), which is not a great source for big titles but is excellent for collections of essays based off conference papers and smaller publications that aren’t popular enough to be worth your library buying a hard copy. So if you’re yearning for meatier reading this summer, you can find these kinds of titles online through your school:

  • Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage: A Critical Discourse, by Fiona Cameron and Sarah Kenderdine
  • Cultural Heritage Issues: The Legacy of Conquest, Colonization and Commerce, by J.A. Nafziger and A.M. Nicgorski
  • Protection of First Nations Cultural Heritage: Laws, Policy, and Reform, by Catherine E. Bell and Robert K. Paterson
  • Cultural Landscapes: Balancing Nature and Heritage in Preservation Practice, by Richard Longstreth and Susan Calafate Boyle
  • Heritage, Memory, and the Politics of Identity: New Perspectives on the Cultural Landscape, by Niamh Moore and Yvonne Whelan
I haven't read past the first page of any of these titles yet, but they're all crowded in my "bored" browser that I skim when things get slow on facebook.

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